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It's time to let your quiet competence shine.


Do you face any of these challenges at work?  

Gaining recognition for your accomplishments

Feeling drained of energy

Being visible and heard

Being assigned meaningful projects and assignments

Becoming a leader

Expanding your influence and clout to get things done

Managing relations with your extraverted employees, colleagues, or boss

Dislike for networking events

Landing the job you want

Advancing your career

Marketing yourself to acquire new clients

Finding a job or company where your quiet personality fits

If you are quiet, shy, or introverted, you have strengths that often go unrecognized.

Common Challenges of Quiet People in the Professions

Do you experience challenges in your professional life that stem from being quiet, shy, or introverted?  You're not alone.  But guess what?  Your quiet nature and introversion may be your most significant asset.

What is an Introvert?  

Don't be fooled by inaccurate stereotypes. Introverts are unique - in a great way.  What makes you different can either help or hinder your professional achievements.  It depends on how you see it and use it.

What I Offer You

Access to the "secrets" that successful quiet people use. Deep experience and professional training one-on-one to maximize your workplace interactions so that you can excel professionally. Confidential. Not offered: advice to become more outgoing!

Joyce Shelleman, PhD, Professional Profile

For over two decades, I have helped professionals, leaders, and up-and-coming managers. 

At some point in your career, you may have asked, "What's wrong with me?" My unequivocal answer is, "Absolutely nothing is wrong with you!"

There are real consequences to being an introvert.  Research suggests that extraverts make more money, are more likely to be promoted to leadership roles, and are more satisfied with their careers.

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